Sunday, 23 March 2014

10 Most exciting Record Store Day releases

It's that time of year again; the most important day of any 21st century record collector's calendar, it's record store day!

Now I must admit, though I've been closely following the antics of record store day for years, I am still technically a 'record store day virgin'. But this is set to change this year, I am planning on going all out this year and I shall brave the immense queues of salivating hipsters (and the occasional Directioner and Katycat). Rough Trade East is the Mecca of Independent record shops; whilst it has one of the largest selections it is also the busiest on the day. But it's a risk I'm willing to take. 

(Like me) You may feel overwhelmed by the humongous list of releases this year (the largest yet I believe) so I've made it a bit easier for you, here are my top 10 picks for this year:

Disclosure - Apollo 12"
The Lawrence brothers have sure come a long way since the introducing feature I wrote on them back in May last year. Even I didn't anticipate their runaway success; they have released a platinum debut album which spawned 4 global hit singles, received 4 Brit nominations and even a Grammy nomination. The duo will release a limited edition 12" of the critically acclaimed, previously digital-only non-album single 'Apollo'. It is one of my favourite tracks of theirs and let's face it, I have no change of getting my hands on it.

Fear Of Men - Loom Ltd LP
Brighton based dream folk trio Fear Of Men will release a deluxe edition of their highly anticipated debut album for record store day. Judging by their early singles plus 'Waterfall' and 'Luna' (both of which have featured prominently on my 'Best Of' features this year), this could be one of the year's best debuts. This is probably my most anticipated release and I will fight for it (literally). 

Julia Holter - Don't Make Me Over/Hello Stranger 7"
(Stupidly) I left Julia Holter's Loud City Song of my favourite albums of 2013 list. It is one of the best avant-guarde/experimental dream pop albums I've had the pleasure of listening to. Julia will release an exclusive 7" of her version of Dionne Warwick's 'Don't Make Me Over' with the stunning 'Hello Stranger' as a B-side. 

The Julie Ruin - Brightside/In The Picture
Bikini Kill legend Kathleen Hanna will released an exclusive 7" with her band The Julie Ruin, who released the fantastic Run Fast last year. No fancy vinyl unfortunately but we'll forgive her that.

I'll be honest with you, the main reason why I want this so badly is because it is a clear, string-embedded 12" (yes, I'm that shallow). That aside, the song itself is brilliant too but alas, I haven't got a hope in hell of getting my hands on this.  

London Grammar - Hey Now (Bonobo remix) / Hey Now (Zero 7 remix) 10"
Ah, yet another delicious piece of wax which I haven't got a hope in hell of purchasing. 'Hey Now' was London Grammar's breakthrough single and rightly so, it's pretty wonderful. This 10" consists of two remixes and traditionally, remixes of their songs are pretty epic so I'm sure these'll be no exception. 

Mazzy Star - I'm Less Here
Folk veterans Mazzy Star will release an exclusive transparent blue 7" for the event. I don't know much about it but the artwork is pretty so that's a good start. 

MØ - Say You Will Be There (Spice Girls Cover) 7"
Danish pop chanteuse has kept it no secret that she is a huge fan of the Spice Girls. I personally detest them, but hey, this cover makes them (somewhat) bearable. 

Wye Oak - Shriek
Maryland duo Wye Oak will release the synth-heavy follow up to the critically their acclaimed 2011 album Civilian on orange vinyl for record store day this year. Hopefully I can get my hands on this on the day so I don't have to pay the absurd shipping fees from City Slang. I'm sure It'll be worth it though either way.

Various Artists - Non-Violent Femmes
Any compilation which features Speedy Ortiz, Joanna Gruesome, Bleeding Rainbow and Frankie Rose's Beverly is bound to be epic. Plus it's on hot pink vinyl, which kinda defeats the purpose but whatever. 

I will be jumping for joy if I manage to get any of these, may the scramble begin! 

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