Friday, 26 July 2013


At the moment, there a few bands which I am watching very closely (in a non-stalker way, obviously), these bands included HAIM, Radkey, The Family Rain, Drenge, Disclosure and Wardell. A few weeks ago during an intense googling sesh, I realized that all the bands I previously mentioned were made up of siblings. Although I knew this about Disclosure and HAIM, the rest where quite a shock to me. I've already blogged the shit out of HAIM and Disclosure so I'll put them aside for now. It is worth noting that HAIM's (mostly unseen) drummer Dash Hutton is not actually related to the girls which ruins the integrity of the post I won't mention it again.

Radkey are a recent discovery for me, but after listening to their Cat & Mouse E.P. I wish I discovered them sooner. Despite their Afro-Punk image, they are just 3 teenagers with distinctly teenage interests such as video games, films, anime and erm...milk-hating. Another rather recent discovery is The Family Rain who like Radkey are a trio of brothers, but the similarities end there. They hail from Bath and play eclectic blues-rock which sounds equally as current as it does nostalgic. Their celebrity fans include Tom Odell and Lily Allen and have been given the NME seal of approval. After listening their song Trust me... I'm a Genius, the hype seems a lot more justified, I would also recommend giving their Pushing It E.P. a listen too. 

Now not many rock bands can say they've been name-checked by a (now ex-)labour MP, but one band that can are Drenge, a brotherly duo from a place near Sheffield. Don't let their normal young-adult aesthetic fool you, beneath that they are a lot more twisted (musically of course). This is apparent in their song titles, for example Face like a skull and I wanna break you in half, their single Bloodsports is packed full of enough awesome riffs and rawness to tell me that their debut album is one not to be missed. Finally we have Wardell, who may not be blood relatives but they are legally brother and sister which is good enough for me. That's not all though, their father happens to be none other than billionaire film director Steven Spielberg, however this hasn't affected the integrity of their music at all. Their first single Opossum is a refreshing piece of folky indie-pop (think Daughter only a little less depressing), more of this can be found on their brilliant debut E.P. Brother / Sister.

Apart from being siblings, these 6 bands all have one big thing in common; they all have a certain chemistry on-stage which draws you in and makes their music so much easier to appreciate, it is as if the fact they are so comfortable with each other makes the performance a lot more easy to enjoy. Their sibling relationships can also be felt in the music they make, not only have they grown up with the same musical influences from their parents, they have also been sharing their own discoveries with each other as their tastes began to differ, thus developing their sounds. My advise to you would be to keep a close eye on these bands as I'm sure their are all heading for big things.

Saturday, 20 July 2013


Firstly, I would like to make it very clear that I totally acknowledge that these are two very different artists who I am simply using as an example to support my point.

Moving on, you may be feeling confused as to why I have even put these two artists in one post, considering they are both extremely different in pretty much every way: origin, artistry, discography  age, popularity, exposure, age...must I go on?

"But what's the point of all this?" you ask, well it's pretty simple...lyricism. 

They both have impending single releases (UK of course because we are like 3 months behind the rest of the world); Miley Cyrus' 'We Can't Stop' has already become a global success and the video has already drummed up over 85 MILLION views on YouTube. Success for this song in the UK is pretty much certain. On the other hand we have Foxes, she is re releasing her debut single 'Youth' which was outrageously underrated when it was first released back in 2011.

Both of these tracks are addictive and infectious mid-tempo pop songs which are superbly produced. However, there is one crucial thing which sets them apart; THE LYRICS.

Just to give you an idea, here are a few lines from each song:
Foxes- Youth:

Now i'm just chasing time
with a thousand dreams I'm holding heavy
and as we cross the line these fading beats have all been severed
don't tell me our youth is running out
Its only just begun.

Miley Cyrus- We Can't Stop:
To my home girls here with the big butt
Shaking it like we at a strip club
Remember only God can judge ya
Forget the haters cause somebody loves ya
And everyone in line in the bathroom
Trying to get a line in the bathroom
We all so turned up here
Getting turned up, yeah, yeah

Must I say more? I mean really?

It is unsurprising that We Can't Stop was originally intended for everyone's favourite 'Bad Girl' Rihanna, especially as the lyrics scream "Look! Look how slutty I am". I personally find the song more funny than shocking (the latter being what Cyrus, the songwriters, producers and record label intended). The video itself is also pretty funny (especially if you are tickled by the sight of a former Disney star attempting to twerk and be a 'bad-ass'). 

Now back to Foxes' prominently more heartfelt and meaningful lyrics, they represent the other end of the scale of youth, the fear of growing old and leaving the fun times in the past. Despite the rather sad lyrical content, the production is fun and infectious just as Cyrus' is. The big difference is that the song will cause the listener to reflect and be moved whilst they enjoy the song as opposed to feeling pressured to party, drink irresponsibly and feel insecure about themselves. As a teenager, I know what I would rather my peers where listening to.

The funny this is, in a sense the two songs explore what it is to be young, We Can't Stop is the 'wild' party you went to at which you drank far too much and Youth is the haunting hangover you sustain afterwards.

Well that's my opinion, listen to both songs below and make up your own mind: Am I correct in everything I've said? Or do I just need to get a life?

Pre-Order Youth here.
Pre-Order We Can't Stop here.

Sunday, 7 July 2013


Hey world! It's been a while hasn't it?

Now, I know I've already plugged this band in a previous post, but that was a shared post and a lot has changed since then.

Well, not that much has changed accept the fact that their album Sistrionix (amazing title) has been released with a great reception from critics and fans alike. This isn't really surprising considering how awesome it is.

At first glance, it would be easy to dismiss Deap Vally as just another NME hyped blues-rock band, but this isn't the case. They are much more than that. They have a little thing called genuine likability, by this I mean you don't want to beat the 'indieness' out of them with a bat after watching an awkward interview on YouTube.

But most importantly, they produce excellent music. They blend old school drum beats, explosive riff and bluesy vocals to create an album which is an instant classic. Also, there are no fillers; every song packs it's own punch, from the explosive headbanger 'Walk of Shame' to the gutsy closer 'Six Feet Under'. Every song on this album has a moment which adds to the experience of the album, whether it's a riff, chorus, bridge or 'ooh'.

The most important thing about this album is that it doesn't take itself too seriously, it is packed full piss-takes (mainly about men) which sets it apart from your average rock album. It makes you want to let go and start rocking out, wherever you are, however old you are.

In short, it's a brilliant album, so get it.

If your still unconvinced, listen to this:

 You can buy Sistrionix from the following:
Rough Trade:

In fact, it's available in pretty much every music store, so no excuses!