Tuesday, 21 May 2013


I've been listening to this duo pretty much since their debut single 'offline dexterity' dropped back in 2010, since then I have been hooked on their garage meets funk style. Despite the variation in their singles, they haven't put a foot wrong. In fact, they have only got better
This is what distances Disclosure from your average electronic band, they aren't afraid to experiment and take risks.

What makes me certain that they are destined to be massive is that they have struck the perfect balance between slick dance-floor jams to accessible radio-friendly tunes complimented by epic vocals. 

Their debut album 'settle' is out on June 3rd, just in time to be part of your summertime playlist, that is if summer EVER arrives.

Check out their latest banger 'You and me' featuring Eliza Doolittle and the rather epic 'Boiling' featuring Sinead Barnett below: 

You can buy their debut album 'Settle' on iTunes here.


Anyone who has been keeping up with the music 'blogosphere' over the past year will probably know who CHVRCHES are, if you don't, your in for a real treat! This Scottish trio have been acclaimed ever since their debut single 'lies' was released in May 2012 and since then they have gained lots of momentum in the build up to their currently untitled and greatly anticipated debut album (due in September). 

If your wondering what makes them any different to your run of the mill 'indie' band  then simply listen to 'lies' (see below), it's blend of thumping synths and haunting vocals will be sure to lure you to team CHVRCHES.

It also helps that the lead singer Lauren Mayberry is rather beautiful as well as talented.

Listen to lies below (*WARNING- High risk of multiple eargasms upon first listen*)

I would also check out their 'Recover' EP, which includes this gem:

Download their EP here.

Saturday, 11 May 2013


I'm sure you would have heard of this lady at some point in your lives, probably from her massive 2007 number-two hit 'foundations'. But their is much more to Kate Nash than one (incredible song), there is an artist who decides not to conform to what people expect from her and the result is three incredible albums which span from snarky indie-pop to kick-ass riot girl- inspired punk. Her most recent record called "girl talk" is a empowering, fun and brilliant collection of songs which will make you rethink your views on feminism and artistry as a whole, strongly recommended. It also goes to show their is nothing wrong with changing your direction musically as long as you evolve to become a better version of yourself. 
ROCK ON KATE! (sorry)

Check out 'the evolution of Kate Nash' below:

Buy her latest album 'Girl Talk' on iTunes here.


Back in 2012 (seems so long ago now),
I stumbled across an EP on iTunes called 'forever' purely by chance and bought it after hearing the first snippet of the title track 'forever'. From that point, I was hooked. I found out everything I could about them and their music and since then I have watched them achieve so much:

  • Winning the radio 1 sound of 2013 poll
  • Their EP breaking the iTunes top 10
  • Two singles (don't save me, falling) charting within the UK top 40
  • Alana winning best twitter by NME (personal fave)
As well as being super talented and cool, they also have personality, for me this is a big deal as  I tend to be left underwhelmed by the personalities of musicians I like, but not HAIM. If you don't believe me, check out their individual twitter accounts:
  (Also check out their awesome fan account: @HAIMthefans for all things HAIM)

But what makes HAIM extra special to me is...the BASSFACE!!!

(Check out @estebassface or @BASSFACEGANG for more amazing HAIM related goodness)

Anyway...their debut album is due soon (August, apparently), but in the meantime you can check out their EPs and singles on iTunes here.


Ever since I can remember, music has been THE biggest thing in my life, it's kind of a hobby of mine to discover new artist and share them with others and so today I have taken the quantum leap by 'putting myself out there' in an attempt to show my admiration for all the artists that have made my life so enjoyable at this point.

Even if no one reads this, I can still say I've done my best to represent so incredibly talented people who simply don't have the PR teams to make them as 'big' as they should be.

P.S. Please excuse my rubbish 'logo', I'm kinda on a budget...