Sunday, 17 November 2013


3 years since the release of their excellent third album The English Riviera, British four-piece Metronomy return with I'm Aquarius, the tantalizing lead single of their forthcoming fourth album Love Letters (due next year). 

I'm Aquarius is quite a shift from Metronomy's previous singles; it is nowhere near as instant as The Look or as funky as The Bay. However I'm Aquarius is definitely a grower, with every listen it pulls you further in until you're totally hooked. 

It's real strength is in the track's simplicity; the production is sparse yet enough to create a dreamy atmosphere, their are no vocal gymnastics from frontman Joseph Mount and the synths build over the course of the song's four minutes. 

The highlight of the song for me is the backing vocals. The shoop-doop-doop-ahhs are as prominent as Mount's vocals and float beautifully throughout the track . They are the part of the song which sticks in your head and take the song to the next level of brilliance.

With the album not due for another four months, I'm sure I'm Aquarius will keep us going until then. Stream it below:

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