Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Hey guys, I'm a little behind posting wise but I will now resume posting twice a week.(Wednesday and Sunday). This is one I wrote recently for Pyramid and I am particularly proud of it...


Over the past few month electronica has become increasingly prominent in my playlist; I never really cared for it before but now I find it essential. Its rich soundscapes and alluring vocals always get me in a great mood regardless of how crap my day has been. On further inspection, I realised that a huge chunk of the electronica I was listening to was from Canadian artists and bands. It turns out they are pretty damn good at it, see below for some of my picks:


Canadian producer, singer/songwriter and pioneer of all things kooky and excellent Claire Boucher (A.K.A Grimes) got her well-deserved big break after the release of the critically acclaimed third album Visions back in January 2012. She creates weird and wonderful experimental electronica which is hard to define yet no less catchy than your run-of-the-mill radio hit. She is set to release a new album next year at some point so it doesn't look like her momentum is gonna slow down any time soon. 

Tegan and Sara

Canadian twins Tegan and Sara Quin has been in the game for well over 15 years but have never really broke out of the limbo of mediocre ‘indie bands’, that was until they released the absolute stonker of an album which was Heartthrob earlier this year. Easily one of the best albums of 2013, Heartthrob comprises of ten solid synthpop bangers. 

Crystal Castles

Toronto-based duo Crystal Castles are definitely an acquired taste but if you’re looking for some intense experimental/industrial electronica/synthpop/new rave/chiptune music than look no further.

Jessy Lanza

Canadian songstress Jessy Lanza’s Pull My Hair Back is one of my favourite songs from this year; the sleek R’n’B production, smooth breathy vocals and the nonchalance of the lyrics recall a more wistful Jessie Ware.


Like Crystal Castles, Austra’s lead singer Katie Stelmanis’ vocals are also an acquired taste; some find her voice whiny whilst others find it beautiful. Personally I agree with the latter but one thing we can all agree on is than Beat and Pulse is an absolute tune! 

Purity Ring

Grimes’s label buddies Purity Ring released their epic debut album Shrines last year and have since graced many a TV advert with their unique brand of dream pop with a distinct hip-hop twist.


A more recent discovery for me, DIANA are a Toronto-based four-piece who create sensual and calming electronica. On their recent debut album, tracks such as Perpetual Surrender and Born Again show that they are a band to watch with their with their rich swirling production and lush vocals from Carmen Elle. 

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