Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Anyone who has been keeping up with the music 'blogosphere' over the past year will probably know who CHVRCHES are, if you don't, your in for a real treat! This Scottish trio have been acclaimed ever since their debut single 'lies' was released in May 2012 and since then they have gained lots of momentum in the build up to their currently untitled and greatly anticipated debut album (due in September). 

If your wondering what makes them any different to your run of the mill 'indie' band  then simply listen to 'lies' (see below), it's blend of thumping synths and haunting vocals will be sure to lure you to team CHVRCHES.

It also helps that the lead singer Lauren Mayberry is rather beautiful as well as talented.

Listen to lies below (*WARNING- High risk of multiple eargasms upon first listen*)

I would also check out their 'Recover' EP, which includes this gem:

Download their EP here.

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