Sunday, 26 January 2014


Ok, But We Need A Safety Word cover art

What a month it's been! With exciting album announcements coming in thick and fast 2014 is already looking spectacular. With so much going on I'd thought it would be apt to write a round up of January which will be going up at some point this week!

Now for an introducing post, and I am really proud that I've caught this band (or artist, I honestly have no clue) so early since their is literally no hype surrounding these guys/this guy (a rare thing nowadays). As well as no hype there is also hardly any information about this band (or artist); all I know is that they are/ he is Australian and have/has a serious thing for fruit (particularly pineapples, see here.)

Ok this he/they business is irritating me so i'll just assume that they're a band from this point forward, ok.

I only discovered these guys recently after reviewing their excellent debut EP in my new position at Earbuddy, you can read my review here (pardon my outrageous trumpet blowing). I had no preconceived ideas about how they would sound and this turned out to be a very good thing indeed, because they are in fact excellent.

If they are a solo artist his closest comparison would be fellow Aussie slacker Courtney Barnett and if they're a band then I assume they (like me) have been listening  to a lot of Parquet Courts, they could be the Aussie version. Their sound is very simple yet effective, laid back stoner rock with a hint of 'indie pop' and folk thrown in for good measure.

I've already touched upon this in my review but I have a feeling these guys could be big. Support the band and download their EP for any price you want here.

Judge for yourself:

Courtney Barnett vibes:

   Parquet Courts vibe:

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